New type of Cyber Crime


New type of organized cyber attack: phishing through facebook and whatsapp

Motive: to get your details, contacts, money, personal photographs

Special Targets: Girls, School and College students

Modus of operandi: hacks the vulnerable Facebook account and sends personal messages to the contacts of that account. Being a trusted friend or relative you happily respond to such messages.

Offender asks you "you will receive one text message on your mobile, please send that message to me through whatsapp".

The moment you send that text message to the offender,  he will use that OTP code to install whatsapp account on your name to his own phone. As one whatsapp account on two different devices will not work hence your whatsapp account is deactivated.


By using your whatsapp identity offender will access all your whatsapp groups and your friend and try to contact them with the same methodology. Generally offender asks to send the money on mobikwik, paytm,Freecharge etc. Also chats with girls in a vulgar language and asks for their photographs.

Many of my students fall prey to such gimmick.

How to deal with this: Never share any OTP to your close friend or relative without personally speaking with him/her.  Do not rely on chat or text message instead try to directly speak.


Prof. P S Lokhande, Cyber Crime Expert

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