Microsoft Students to Business (S2B) program

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Microsoft Students to Business (S2B) program
How to Register?
Before registering for Microsoft’s S2B program you should have a HOTMAIL or WINDOWS LIVE ID account. If you already have one then proceed with the following steps to register. If you don’t have a HOTMAIL or WINDOWS LIVE ID account then create one (it hardly takes a couple of minutes…J ).
You can create a HOTMAIL or WINDOWS LIVE ID account by clicking on the following direct link-
After you get a HOTMAIL or WINDOWS LIVE ID account follow these 5 simple steps to register for Microsoft’s S2B program(It takes just 2 minutes)-
1. Visit the Microsoft S2B program website by following this link-
2. Click on the Register button on the right center of the homepage of the website.
3. On the register page click on the blue colored link provided to link it to your HOTMAIL or WINDOWS LIVE ID account. You’ll be asked to sign in with your HOTMAIL or WINDOWS LIVE ID account.
4. After signing in with your HOTMAIL or WINDOWS LIVE ID account fill in the registration fields properly.
***In the “Referral code” field fill any one of the following-
"ashishshendure"(without quotes n spaces) i.e. ashishshendure
"saurabhraje"(without quotes n spaces) i.e. saurabhraje
5. After filling your details click on the “Create new profile” button and you are done!!!...
Thus create your profile and avail all the benefits of the Microsoft S2B program.
What is S2B?
Are you a student looking for an entry-level job or internship in today's technology industry?The Microsoft Students to Business (S2B) program is a Microsoft Community Initiative designed to connect Microsoft-skilled students with partners and customers for entry-level and internship positions.Microsoft S2B will provide unique training opportunities and resources for students to establish the skill requirements to fuel innovation and enable employability of the next generation.Students engaged in Microsoft S2B benefit from unique training and certification opportunities, compliments of Microsoft. Various offerings are available to students at each stage of Microsoft S2B—when profiling, in application and after job connection.

How the Program Works?
Apply on-line by completing the registration form;
The Microsoft Skills Development Team will match your profile to current opportunities at the entry level that exists in our Partner and Customer base;
The Partner/Customer company may contact you directly for an interview. In other cases the Microsoft Skills Development team will contact you to set-up an interview between yourself and our Partner/Customer
Once you have been interviewed and selected, the Partner/Customer company will sign a fixed term internship contract with you. Salaries are set at no less than R36 000 per annum, but it may vary from one company to another;
You will then join a technical training class at a training provider for a short period;
After successful completion of the technical training you will rejoin your new employer and start working. From hereon your career is in your hands and only your performance can win you a further contract or permanent position.
Minimum Requirements
· You must have an IT or business related degree or national diploma (3 year qualification) from a recognised Indian University or University of Technology;
· You must be a resident of India;
· You must currently be unemployed;
· You must be able to start on this programme immediately;
· You must be under the age of 35 years.

For more detailed instructions visit this blog-
Ashish Shendure( and Saurabh Raje(
Microsoft Student Partners
Padmabhushan Vasantdada Patil Pratishthan's College of Engineering

Prof. P.S. Lokhande
Head Dept of I.T. & TPO


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