Time has come ............. for me to bid adieu to PVPP

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Time has come ............. for me to bid adieu to PVPP Campus . I am moving on from the PVPPCOE to an another organization. I am looking forward to this new challenge and to starting a new phase of my career. I have 2-3 option infront of me , will decide in coming week where to join.

Present campus placement may be the last placement , hence forth there will not be a campus placement by me.

Since last one and half year I am getting calls from various organizations, I was in the mindset whether to leave PVPPCOE or not, now I decided to go for the newer opportunity, newer challanges.

Sincere gratitude to all students & all the staff members of PVPPCOE for your continuous support, guidance and encouragement. And I'm sure, this support will continue over the coming years.

Warm Regards

Prof. P.S. Lokhande
Head Dept of I.T. & TPO


Hope that we make some difference to the world.

Hope that we help someone to move ahead in life.

Hope that we help someone reach their dreams.




-=aShIsH=- said...

we'll miss you badly sir....:(
heartiest wishes for ur future plans....
thnx for all the commitment n help extended to us all these years sir....u rock!!!

suyashpavnoji said...

Good Luck sir
PVPP will miss you

Ganesh Pagare said...

My self ganesh pagare from seit-2

Sir it was really shocking news for me i never expected that one day u will decide to go sir i couldn't even communicate properly with you sir if u dont mind sir will u give me your number sir i want to talk with you.

ganesh pagare
EvoSoft Computer Systems

nimish said...

thank you sir for whatever you did for us till now.. we hope you also succeed in your future endeavours..
pvpp beit2

Anonymous said...

Sir i really want to talk to you sir! i want your guidelines for my future sir!

Ganesh pagare

bhargav desai said...

Thank u sir for everything u have done for us.I wish u a very good future and lots of success.

warm regards,
bhargav desai

Anonymous said...

Hi Guyes,

I am from Kurukshetra, Hariyana and regular visitor of blog. u ppl r lucky 2 have such a gr8 TPO and is leaving.

He did a gr8 work 4 u. we r struggling 2 get da job, his blog is da light post 4 us.

He is leaving u r organization and u r ppl are saying good luck best luk for his future. shame on u guyes.

No one want to leave unless and until there is some problem , did u tried to know that????

May be he is getting less salary, storm the princi office, Trustee management office , ask them explanation . guys u hav ryte to ask them ,u r paying to them, u r paying for u r placement, u r paying 4 u r future.

Now it's u r turn to help him out.

He helped a lot u , he made u r life, try to understand the pain in his life.....If he is getting more salary at other org force u r management to give da same.

thats the only i can suggest. If it happened in harayana we have our way ........! don't b opportunistic...selfish.....

best of luck guys....for u

Liladhar Badgujar said...

why sir why r u leaving we still want ur help will it b f9 to u if u leave ur students in meanwhile don't go sir pls else at the end it's ur decision but still i want u to b part of pvpp bcas without u we couldn't hav got so much industry knowledge.

Saumit Ail said...


It's really sad to read this post. While I have the urge to ask you about the rationale behind this decision, I am sure there's a strong thought process which has led you to think of moving to bigger and better avenues.

Thanks for all that you've done for me, and for my peers. I realize I wasn't a big favorite among the staff members during my time, but you stood by me during a critical phase of my quest for graduate studies. You will remain an inspiration.

Thanks, and good luck for everything that lies ahead. May God give you strength to face and overcome bigger and better challenges in the future. I will continue to be in touch with you through e-mail / LinkedIn, and work toward achieving a better alumni base for PVPPCoE.

Best Regards,
Saumit Ail
PVPPCoE BE-IT, Class of 2007
Master's student @ Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Anonymous said...

coolest HOD of IT,who has changed life of many students being useful guide as a TPO, done a great job!

Thanks for all your concern and love towards us
Will respect u forever,
Thank you
Hard Vora 2009 batch.

Prof. P.S. Lokhande said...

Thank you all!

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