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A man walking across a dusty pathway found a small baby bird lying on the floor looking for help. He lends his hands by picking it up and took it to his farm and put it with all his chickens. The hens thought that it is was one of them and began to take care of the bird as it was her own child. It walked around the place Peking the ground and eating the worms and insects. When any big animal came near it, it would run away to its alleged mother seeking for help. One day an explorer was passing by the farm and noticed this bird and found out how odd it was among the group. He took the baby bird and after close examination he found out that it was an eagle. He was really surprised to see it since it acted like a chicken and exhibited no characters of an eagle. This man told the eagle that your life is not restricted to this farm and you should be flying freely around in the sky and conquers the horizons but it said I cannot fly and I’m like my brothers and sisters and I posses nothing special. The man took the eagle to the top of a cliff and as he was ascending to the top the eagle was trying to escape as it was really scared. From the top he just dropped it down and the eagle thought that it would smash its self and die. At that time it suddenly began to flap its wings and as the wind hit its wings it began to rise up and fly, it flew and never returned back.
In our lives as well we see a lot of people around us like our brothers, father and etc. We know their success and failures and we think we are similar and cannot achieve anything better than them. What we really have to do is through our self’s into the sky and learn to fly.
A story speech is not the one with a good beginning and ending it is the one that carries a theme a leaves a message deep inside us which will be remembered by each one of us


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